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Couture has the power to transform a woman - it’s about beauty and seduction, it is for women who understand true luxury. 

Farakh believes that the ultimate goal of haute couture is to create the most beautiful garment which accentuates the wearer’s beauty. She is a master of clean lines and careful construction and her designs show glamour without fuss.

The ideal client that Farakh designs for is an elegant, self-composed woman who lights up the room she walks into.  She is chic and sophisticated with an air of opulence.

This financially independent woman is self-gifting and drives the pleasure of her jewels.

Farakh Parveen

Parveen’s  History

Farakh Parveen was born into a family where her father and grandfather were high society milliners and dressmakers in Kenya. Her father’s clients included the former President of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta and the Kenyan presidential family. For Parveen, this paved the way for her future, couture is second nature to her, and she was moulded into fashion by her father in the traditional manner of sketching, pattern cutting and designing.

Jomo Kenyatta

In 1978, Parveen went on to study Fashion Design, Pattern Cutting, Manufacturing and Textile from London College of Fashion. Upon graduation, she went on to work for some of the top fashion houses.  In 1985, Parveen set up her first studio offering made-to-measure clothes to the discerning clientele.

She then moved to her first Atelier in Belgravia in 1995, and became a renowned couturiere, with prominent clients including television presenters, celebrities, outstanding career women, socialites and members of the royal families.

In 2002, Parveen moved her Atelier to Marylebone, where she created an intimate welcoming environment, offering everything from haute couture, pret-a-porter, and exceptional costume jewellery handcrafted by small artisans.  Later, she moved her business to Knightsbridge, providing a unique environment to local and international clients, who are looking for elegance, style and fine dining for the ultimate luxury experience.

The  Inspiration  behind  the  Designs

Parveen’s work is influenced by the Hollywood icons of the 1950s, who looked effortlessly glamorous, understood fashion artistry and untainted precision.  She creates clothes with a lively spirit by using delicate fabrics with varying textures and shapes them into sophisticated and alluring outfits which move effortlessly from boardroom to ballroom in any climate.  Her designs are not directional, they are timeless and classic with an unusual twist.  She especially enjoys creating that ultimate amazing outfit for the mother of bride or groom.
Parveen Farakh Collage